What is arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage betting has become one of the most simplest and popular ways to make money online. The term “arbitrage” (commonly referred to as an arb) is a scenario where you discover two completely different prices on the same event. Whenever there’s a difference in pricing you can lock-in profits every single time. The bigger the price difference, the bigger your returns will be.

Where can you find arbitrage opportunities?

Arbitrage opportunities can we found in many different markets including sports (arb betting), forex and binary. However, discovering an arbitrage opportunity can be very difficult to do yourself. It’s better to rely on software to do most of the hard work in providing opportunities to profit.

Arbitrage betting software

Arbitrage betting is focused on finding profit in sports markets such as football and horse racing. To take advantage you have to react fast, and that’s why thousands of arb bettors rely on arbitrage betting software, with the most popular service being Arb Shooters because they are the only ones that specialize in providing arbitrage alert signals direct to your mobile phone.

How does arbitrage betting work?

Here’s a typical example of an arbitrage betting alert provided by Arb Shooters on your mobile.

Understanding an arbitrage betting alert

The alert above essentially shows that there’s an arbitrage opportunity on bookmaker Paddy Power for a horse called “Iza Daddy” where the current price is 8.0 and it’s going to be available down to 6.0. Which is a 33% return.

How to place your arbitrage bets

Step 1: Place your bet on the horse to win with Paddy Power at odds 8.0. We recommend starting with small stakes of £30 to start.

Step 2: Keep an eye on the Betfair betting exchange a few minutes before the race starts, you’ll notice the lay odds starting to drop below the Paddy Power odds.

Every time the bookmaker odds on the horse to win are lower than the lay odds on the horse not to win, you’ll make an arbitrage profit!

That’s it! You’re now ready to experience profiting with arbitrage betting. Join Arb Shooter’s free alert group on what’s App to get started. Join today by clicking on the banner below…

learn arbitrage betting

Calculating your arbitrage betting profits

To calculate your arbitrage betting profits you’ll be using an arbitrage betting calculator. This calculator will help you understand how much you need to bet on the opposing side of the bookmaker bet and tell you the profitability of the arb bet.

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