Arbitrage betting: When to lay bet and maximize profit

This guide will explain the four different options you have when is comes to lay betting and profiting with arbitrage betting. To make this guide more useful, it’s best that you first understand what is lay betting.

The following strategies are explained in detail in the video guide, below, as well!

First, remember the golden rule for profiting with arbitrage betting!

You WILL make a profit every time when the lay odds are shorter than the back odds.

Lay betting strategies explained

Below are the tips on when and how to place your lay bet. Remember, it’s YOUR decision, completely up to you how risk-on or risk-averse you are, everyone has a different appetite when it comes to trading. The riskier strategies you use the more profit you can potentially make.

The following strategies I share with you are from least risky to riskier but more rewarding.

#1 Lay off immediately

As soon as you’ve place the bookmaker back bet, begin watching the exchange market. For example, if you just took advantage of an arb alert:
Horse name: SuperKid
Track: Tampa Bay 20:30
Current bookmaker odds: 3.25
Going to: 2.75

Let’s say you placed a £20 bet with bet365 at odds 3.25  for a race at 20:30 and it’s currently 19:40 BUT you already spotted lay odds currently at 2.9 or similar (so long as it’s lower than the back odds) TAKE IT! Take the profit.

In such an example you would have made around £3.33 profit based on a 2% lay commission offered by Betfair’s reward plan. Just from ONE alert, Arb Shooters send multiple alerts evening single evening! This simple method is easy to do and takes less time to focus. Lock-in profit and ignore the race, wait for the next alert. Simple & easy… just aim and fire! 🎯 💰

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#2 Pre-setting the lay price on betting exchange.

Now, let’s say we know from arb shooters alert that the bookmaker is dropping the price down from 5.0 to 3.0 – we usually find the lay odds to available anywhere between 3.0 – 5.0 Did you know you can pre-set the lay odds yourself, instead of waiting for the market to show you a good arb?

Simply select the lay odds and input the lay odds you wish to get matched at – this will usually get matched just before the race. If you’re going to use this method to lay, don’t be too greedy! Yes, we want the lay odds to be as low as possible, but we also want to make sure we’re doing out best to get it matched. So, in this example, I would pre-set lay odds of around 4.0. Once it’s matched, again you’ve locked in a profit, well done! 👏.

arbitrage betting software

#3 Shoot the lay price in the very last minute!

Generally speaking, you will notice the lay odds begin to drop MUCH lower nearer to the race start time. This is great! Super important tip – Watch the races on live stream for free on bookmaker site or Betfair exchange. The image below should help you know where to find the live steam service on Betfair’s exchange page. At the very latest, you should lay once all horses have entered the gates (about to race).

You will notice that some of the races don’t actually start on time, approximately anywhere between 2-5-minute delay, so you actually have an extra few minutes to see the lay price potentially drop even further!!!

When you see the all the horses reach the gates and are about the race, this is the very latest you should place your lay bet. Aim to target at the very last moment for an even better Arb!

#4 Run your lay bet In-play for bigger potential returns

Now, this is a riskier strategy put proven to be very profitable! When placing your lay let, and if it still doesn’t get matched before the race beings, select the “in-play” option on the lay bet slip. See an example of how to pre-set the lay odds and select the option to run the lay bet in play if it does not get matched before the event starts.

Watch the race play out and see the lay bet getting matched, as soon as it’s matched you’ve locked in another profit! 🤑


So, there you have it. 4 simple lay betting strategy for you to choose from and profit with arbitrage betting.

Liquidity in betting exchanges when lay betting for arbitrage profits

Are you questioning the liquidity in betting exchange markets? Don’t worry the markets have enough so it’s very likely to get matched. There’s plenty of liquidity in the Betfair exchange, some races have up over £150k matched in the exchange market, plenty to availability to go around especially nearer to the event start time.

If you like, you can also use alternative betting exchanges like Smarkets and Betdaq to play your lay bets too!

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