Arbitrage Betting Guide

Arbitrage Betting with Arb Shooters – Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to make money online with and want to learn more? You’ve come to the right place! Below contains a list of frequently asked questions surrounding arbitrage betting. If you need any further assistance, send any admin member of your group chat over in What’s App.

1. How do people make money arbitrage betting with Arb Shooters?

You will receive alerts on What’s App on what to bet on before the price is guaranteed to fall. Here’s an example of a typical evening of arb alerts in our free what’s app group:



A preview of arb alerts sent directly to your smart phone.

Your aim is to place a bet with the bookmakers mentioned in the alerts. For example the price for a horse called “MaryJumble” on Bet365 is currently 10.0 and it’s expected to drop down to 5.0. We bet at the high odds (10.0), before the bookmaker price falls down to 5.0.

If you see the high price of 10.0 available then go ahead and place your bet. Then, just before the race is about to start, hedge your risk using Betfair’s exchange website and unlock your winnings!

GOLDEN RULE: Every time the bookmaker odds are higher than the exchange lay odds, you will make a nice profit!

If you fail to lock in the bookmaker price before the price falls from 10.0 to 5.0 then you’ve missed this arb opportunity. Don’t place the bookmaker bet unless you see the higher price available. Simply wait for the next arb alert to arrive on your mobile phone.

Click here to watch the full video explainer guide on Youtube

2. When do you receive arbitrage alerts?

Alerts are sent Monday – Sunday every evening. Arb Shooters produce alerts any time after 16:30 (GMT). Multiple alerts are sent throughout the evening up until 2 am. This is the perfect side hustle for anyone that’s looking to make some extra cash on top of a full-time job.

3. Won’t bookmakers know we are arbitrage betting?

Unlike traditional arb betting where bookmakers can clearly see that you’re taking advantage of their mis-pricing in real time, with Arb Shooters alert service, you’re taking the higher price JUST before it’s expected to fall – this makes bookmakers believe you got really lucky.

4. How much can I make every month with arbitrage betting?

The average return is anywhere between 20-30%. Therefore, the more you can afford to place on arb alerts, the more cash you will be able to earn. On average, you can expect to make anywhere between £200-£1,000. Completely tax-free money!

5. How much should I bet on each arbitrage alert?

We recommend starting with small stakes of £5-10 just so you get comfortable with placing your bets. When you start making profits, increase your bet sizes to £30 and beyond!

6. How can I get faster at finding & placing my arbitrage bets?

Here are some easy ways to get on the arb alerts faster.

A) Mute all other What’s app groups/chat notifications. This was you only need to take action when an arb alert pings off on your mobile. This will avoid confusion and stop you from checking your smartphone all the time.

B) Download the bookmaker mobile apps. They are great, mobile-friendly, easy and fast to navigate on, and you can sign into the app just by using your one-touch ID.

C) Keep your bookmaker and exchange accounts topped up. Don’t waste precious time, have enough funds available in your accounts!

D) Practice makes perfection. Keep practicing to get onto the arb alerts fast, especially when using bookmaker apps.

7. When should I place my lay bet to profit?

Literally a few minutes before the race begins. For example, if the race is scheduled for 19:15 pm, look to start placing you lay bet from 19:10.

On the other hand, if you’re watching the exchange markets ahead of time and see lay odds that you like, and don’t want to continue watching the market, then go ahead and lock in your profits. Remember, so long as the lay odds are LOWER than the bookmaker odds, you will make a profit.

Top tip: Horse races are normally delayed, approx 2-5 mins. Watch the race on live stream, you have more time than you think to place the lay bet!

Watch this video on how to best place your lay bet a profit well!



Although the start time is 19:00 by watching live stream, you will notice the race hasn’t begun! Which means you still have time to find better lay odds and place your lay bet.

You’ll tend to make more profit the longer you hold off from placing your lay bet, but again it’s completely in your control. Every time the lay odds are lower than the bookmaker odds you will make a profit. How much profit depends on how much to betted with the bookmaker, and how big the price difference you found between the bookmaker price vs the exchange price.

Top tip 2: Some arb alerts are for races that are over an hour away. It’s a good habit to place your back bet as soon as you receive the arb alert, then set a reminder on your phone to check the lay markets and place your lay bets around 5 minutes before the race begins. You don’t want to forget to hedge your risk now, do you!?

8. The exchange lay odds aren’t dropping below the bookmaker odds – What should I do?

Don’t panic! Here are 3 easy options for you below. Before considering these options, remember to wait until at least 5 minutes before the race begins before taking any of these actions as the lay odds could come in lower than the bookmaker odds.

A) Cash-out on the bookmaker. Go to your bookmaker account, select “open bets” and select the cash-out option.

In most cases, you will make a small profit doing this and won’t need to place your lay bet.

Note: We don’t advise cashing out all the time, as this option isn’t always available to everyone. It’s best to do attempt the following solutions, instead:

B. Lay off and accept a small loss. Simply use the odds calculator and place you lay bet. Of course in this rare case, where the lay odds are greater than the bookmaker odds, you will make a loss. Don’t worry about making a small loss here and there. In the long term you will make a significant profit.

C. Dutch your bet. Dutching is when you place bets on every horse to win, which covers your potential risk. Dutching will normally make you a profit, so you don’t need to worry about the lay odds drifting upwards or have to lay your bet.

Use the free dutching calculator here:

Enter all the bookmaker odds for each of the horses that are in the same same as your drifter, and place the bets. This method can also be very profitable but you will need a decent sized bank roll to complete this option.

Click here to watch our full video explainer on how to resolve drifters

9. I don’t live in the United Kingdom Or Australia, can I still join?

Yes, you can take advantage. So long as you can join at least Bet365 and have an exchange available you’re good to go!

Click here to watch this video explainer to find out more about how to get involved from the country you’re joining ArbShooters from.

10. What are the benefits of upgrading to VIP

As soon as you upgrade to VIP, you will receive access to our VIP alerts channel on telegram. Here you will receive:

UNLIMITED arbs every evening.
Priority over receiving arb alerts faster than free members.20-30% in profits. Some VIP arbs get you over 50%.
VIP support. Get help in making money, at any time of day.

VIP membership is completely flexible, no contracts, cancel anytime by simply sending your cancelation request to any Admin member in your group chat, or email directly 

11. How do I upgrade to Arb Shooters VIP?

Simply create your VIP account using the link below. Both card and PayPal payments are accepted.
Upgrade here:
Once payment is completed, message any admin member of your group confirming your registered email address. You will then be provided a link to join the VIP club.

12. What happens if my bookmaker accounts get restricted?

Simply create new bookmaker accounts. Click here to watch our video explainer on how to take advantage of Partner friendly bookmakers.

13. What can I do to keep my existing bookmaker accounts away from becoming restricted?

Although we can’t completely control the outcome of a bookmaker’s decision to restrict your accounts, there are some really simple things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Click here to watch our video explainer on how to keep your bookmaker accounts open.

14. There doesn’t seem to be enough liquidity in the exchange markets, how can I get my lay stake matched?

There is enough liquidity in the Betfair’s exchange market but you will need to wait until 5 minutes before the race begins – then you will notice a significant increase of liquidity available to take advantage of.

You can also use alternative betting exchanges, including Smarkets and Betdaq for placing your lay bet as they also have liquidity available. Depending on which country you are placing lay bets, you can take advantage of other exchange websites, too! 

15. How do I cancel my VIP membership?

Simply head over to Alternatively, you may also direct message any admin support member in the chat group.

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