How to handle drifters in arbitrage betting & stop losing

What is a drifter in arbitrage betting?

A drifter is a situation where the lay odds don’t fall below the bookmaker odds, and therefore, exposes you to a potential loss.

What should you do first?

Don’t panic. The odds on the exchange market can fluctuate once you’ve successfully placed the bookmaker back bet.  Hold your nerve! The lay price is expected to drop approximately 2 minutes before the event begins. Any time you spot the lay odds dropping below the back odds, go ahead a lock in your profit using the arbitrage betting calculator.

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3 Fast solutions to stop losses on drifters

1. Lay off immediately and concede a small loss. This really is the best practice to do and the easiest option too. A few losses along with way are completely normal when trading. The arb shooters’ alerts are statistically proven to make you a profit over the long run.

2. Cashout with the bookmaker. Head over to your bookmaker account and simply hit the cashout option, that way you will concede a very small loss, and sometimes be left with a profit. If you don’t see the option to cash out, then proceed with solutions 1 or 2.

3. “Dutch” the remaining horses. Use a dutching calculator and back the remaining horses. Although dutching is an advanced method, by doing so, not only do you cover any risk you could make a very good amount of profit using this technique.


Drifters will occasionally appear, however, the arb shooters software team is always working on bringing the rate of drifters down. Don’t worry! You will have some losses along the way, but overall you will be in profit. Contact any support member in the free what’s app group and request the latest 7-days of arbitrage signals, see for yourself how profitable arb shooters will be for you.

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