Arbitrage Betting | What to do when your accounts get restricted.

Arbitrage betting is a great way to make thousands in profits but can lead to your bookmakers being restricted. Have you been restricted by bookmakers after beating them at their own game? Don’t worry, here are 2 really good reasons why you shouldn’t be concerned when account restrictions happen.

1. Continue to use restricted accounts

At first it can feel quite frustrating to receive a message saying that the bookmakers restricted your accounts to only, say £10 or £5 bets but you can still profit with arbitrage betting using these bookmakers with a simple technique known as underlaying.

How to profit with under-laying when arbitrage betting on restricted accounts.

In order to understand over-laying this, you must be familiar with how to calculate your arbitrage profits.

Underlaying is where you lay just a little less than usual, in hope for a bigger risk-free profit. To calculate your under-lay bets, use the free arbitrage betting calculator in the advanced mode. This will calculate how to still profit from using restricted bookmaker accounts by laying less that we’re usually recommended to. In such a case, if the horse wins, we win big, even if your stakes are limited.

If the horse does not win, then we still don’t lose anything – we don’t risk our own money to potentially profit. See an example of how a £10 back stake can still earn you £50 profit with under-laying you arbitrage bet with the bookmakers, below.

The bookmaker has restricted you to only £10 stakes, but it’s still valuable to use when arbitrage betting.

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2. Partner friendly bookmakers.

Did you know that most popular bookmakers welcome you to create brand new accounts? Essentially, if you know anyone else that’s over 18 years of age and approves of you using their accounts, you’re fine.

How many people live at your household? How many friends can you recommend to take advantage of arbitrage betting with Arb Shooters?

We hope these tips found you well and wish you success in your arbitrage betting here at

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