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Frequently Asked Questions

Arbitrage betting is where we find a difference in prices between bookmakers for the same sports event and covering all outcomes of the event to eliminate the risk. We profit every time the bookmaker prices are higher than the betting exchange.

Read the complete guide here https://arbshooters.com/what-is-arbitrage-betting/

Traditional arbitrage betting only gets you 1-3%. With Arb Shooter’s elite software, you can expect at least 20-30% return on your arbitrage bets! Earning also depends on how many bookmaker accounts are available in your country. The more bookmakers the more money you will make with arbitrage betting.

Learn more about profit potential with arb shooters here. https://arbshooters.com/how-much-can-you-expect-to-earn-with-arbitrage-betting/

Use our free arbitrage betting calculator to understand your profit from every arb signal you take advantage off. Click here https://arbshooters.com/learn-arbitrage-betting/ to learn how the arbitrage betting calculator works.

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An Arb (or Arbitrage) occurs when the the Back odds are higher than the Lay odds.
When this happens, you can place one Matched Bet and make an instant profit. No need for any sort of Free Bet or bonus. Nice!

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